No refund policy

Client pays for the work done by our engineers, not for the result of that work. We will put everything in place to provide a good product and provide full support. All labour we perform must be paid and for that reason, we will not refund, in part or in full.

Before purchase of tuning credits we advice you to read purpose of file service. In case that there is no solution for one of the tuning options, the credit can only be refunded to your account which customer can use for another future file service request. Refunding the money will not be possible.

All vehicles that are not on the supported list, We do not guarantee that we can have a solution, In the case that it is not possible to perform modification of file, you will be informed that the file service will be canceled and that the credit will be refunded to your file service account, which you can use for one of the future file service requests.

The support ticket exists to solve all the problems related to the file and the service that we did.
We are not obliged to make any modifications or corrections of files created by tuners before us free of charge. You receive a file with the options you have selected and charged for.


Saturday working hours is till 16:00h after that waiting time is longer!!
Sunday file service is closed, but you can upload file, the file will be processed during the day, or the next working day.



Thanks for understanding Team...