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ATM-Chiptuning Performance cooperate with Holland professionals and companies that has been involved in chip tuning for years. Both ATM Belgium and ATM Chiptuning Netherlands are supported by a strong team of qualified automotive professionals with knowledge of engine management optimization. We represent ATM in Balkan countries and we are the certified tuning specialists all thanks to the ATM company, as well as the mutual cooperation in the construction of the software

Custom chiptuning

ATM chiptuning Performance is a high-quality and durable product developed by ATM's motor management software specialists. Customized software provides the following benefits:

  • Better driving performance thanks to
  • Extra power and torque
  • More pit, flexibility and driving comfort
  • Fuel saving (more economical) to more than 5%!
  • Emission standards are retained
  • All tuning files are dyno tested on our AWD and 2wd Dyno machine - manufacturer DYNOSTAR

The tuner of the Montenegro


Broad experience
Experience with the chip tuning business since 2008

Worldwide locations
In the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, Dubai & China, Montenegro

Tailor-made software
The perfect custom product for extra power and flexibility

Dyno tested
An indispensable factor in the development process

Get the most out of your engine

ATM develops and delivers chip tuning as intended; the best possible performance, durable, reliable and above all safe. ATM can be found in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, Dubai and China and Montenegro. You are most welcome in one of our offices to get a good impression of the working method and the many possibilities.


Your extra power black on white

A power run gives ATM the possibility to show you in black and white about how much power and pulling power your vehicle has exactly. In addition, any defects and wear can come to the fore. ATM can always take the state of the car into account when developing the software. You are always assured of a custom made chip tuning at ATM.

Test bench, the test in steps

  1. Your car goes on the power test bench and undergoes an analysis. You will see in black and white how much Pk and Nm your car has at that time for the adjustment.
  2. The software is developed on the basis of the analysis and then re-read in the car;
  3. Your car goes on the test bench for a second time. You will see on the screen how many horsepower and Nm your car has after a chip tuning, you will receive a report.

Become a dealer?

Do you want to realize more sales and offer your customers an attractive product? Then think about the many advantages of chip tuning. ATM Chiptuning Performance specializes in optimizing engine management software for improving the performance of petrol and diesel vehicles.


ATM develops and delivers the best possible performance, durable, reliable and above all safe.

ATM-Chiptuning wants to grow into one of the most dynamic, progressive and leading organizations in the field of engine management optimization within Europe through its excellent software development program and together with its strong network of partners. All this through product innovation, continuously responding to changes within the market, clear communication and progressive internet marketing activities.

Our vision

ATM develops and delivers the best possible performance, durable, reliable and above all safe.

The chip tuning and automotive sector are subject to changes every day due to developments in technology and environmental influences. ATM Chiptuning is responding to this by continually developing the best and most innovative tailor-made software. ATM Chiptuning strives to continuously exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, service and customer satisfaction, which are among the core values of ATM Chiptuning.

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They are experts in the field of car tuning and adjusting motor management systems and are dedicated to stay up to date when it comes to learning new techniques, optimize software and developing new software.

Vlado - Owner / Founder

Started with ECU remapping in the attic room in times EEPROM chips needed to be solded into ECU’s. Although times have changed as he now runs a worldwide chip tuning file service company, Vlado (senior engineer) is still actively adjusting ECU software in our file-service department on a daily basis. (Stage 1,2 specialist)


Danilo - Research and development - engineer

Our youngest member of the team, takes care of receiving vehicles at our center. Danilo also does a complete inspection and review of the condition of the vehicle, a specialist in data logging, as well as work in the dyno room. Danilo is an important part of the research and development team, with the help of which we achieve the best results on vehicles tested on our Dynostar dyno rollers.


Irena - Marketing Manager

Irena plays a crucial role in the success of an organization by overseeing and executing effective marketing strategies that drive growth and reach target audiences. Irena possesses a unique blend of creativity and analytical skills. She is responsible for the development, implementation and execution of effective marketing campaigns across digital channels (Social Media, Email marketing, and personalization strategies.


Ivan - Tool Specialist

Your help in time of need. Besides advising our customers with on the job instructions and help, Ivan is the man behind the Performance Tuning Tools. He will help you to make the right choices by giving the best advice and deals possible when it comes to ECU remapping equipment.